Why Turio?

While there are many success stories out there with luggage brands that have stood tall for decades, somewhere down the line owning a luggage bag has lost its charm when it comes to appearance and truly caring about your journey. Turio is a game-changer in creating bags that become your better half and in the process enriches your traveling experience. 

Choosing Turio means supporting a brand that understands you better than all other luggage brands out there. A result of proven success from its predecessor GoPenguin, Turio is refined, focused and ready to fly. The brand is a result of years of strenuous research by observing and following customer needs when it comes to great travel experiences. GoPenguin continuously analyzed changing market trends, tastes and customer choices that allowed the innovation of Turio and created new ways of using luggage. 

Choosing Turio means owning luggage that is light on your pockets but heavy on quality, style and reliability. These factors will make traveling a breeze for you and your family. We understand that design, modern looks, capacity, colorful appearances mean a lot to you as a traveler and that’s why we offer a range of travel products that will appeal to each and every one of you.  

Choosing Turio means being a part of our corporate social responsibility goals that are aimed towards making the world a better place to live in. We have joined hands along with many global brands for environmental sustainability by donating and supporting organizations that take positive steps in stopping global warming and climate change. We have also teamed up with noteworthy support groups that ensure the survival of endangered aquatic animals like Penguins, Dolphins and Whales.

Choosing Turio means embracing a brand that becomes an important part of your life. We want to be the bag that you buy for your first honeymoon and lasts until your last family trip. We want to be the bag that you wait to pack for your much-awaited summer vacation. We want to be the bag that you can just pack and head off to explore the world.

Choosing Turio means accepting a brand that has tested every wheel, every stitch, every handle, every zipper, more than 100 times before placing them on the production line. Our bags have been rigorously tortured and abused in R&D to ensure that you have a peace of mind when you travel. With over 500 manufacturer appointments, we have selected the best craftsmen in the game to make a Turio.

No matter where you come from, or where you go, Turio will be a part of your happiness, through your wonderful journeys that are filled with priceless memories. Turio will Go Places with You.