Our Production Process

We are more than excited to share with you how a Turio comes to life. Right from the beginning, as travelers we involve ourselves in every stage of the production process. A Turio bag goes through an unprecedented journey just like you as a traveler and takes form like a newborn opening its eyes to the world.


(Clockwise from left) Glimpses of raw Makrolon polycarbonate resin shipped in from Germany before it is melted, colored and extruded into thin sheets for production.

Our team inspected the raw materials, straps and stitched logos in our luggage bag.

The Quality Management team discussing minuscule details with the production team.

Turio luggage is made of Makrolon Polycarbonate Shell, an indestructible shell that is formed with a special heating and moulding process. This type of polycarbonate, supplied by German company, Bayer Industries, is the most advanced luggage material available in the market today. Turio Bayer Makrolon Polycarbonate shells are the ultimate material to withstand extreme temperatures and resist impact during transit.

The Turio team firmly believes in giving back to nature. We use a lot of recycled raw materials that go into the construction of our unbreakable shells. At every stage, it is important for us to ensure that all components have been tested prior to being used in the production line. From signing off on the spectacular colours and matte finish of the shells to rigorous testing of every component used, it is important for us to maintain a transparent relationship with our factory partners who understand the Turio brand values.

Turio  Turio  

Our Cofounder, Mily Lee raises questions about how the divider strap in a Turio luggage bag can be improved.

A Turio Carry - On rolls in a special chamber undergoing an Impact Test.

We spent years looking for the right manufacturers before we launched Turio, and when we found them, we were blown away with their impeccable craftsmanship, skills and attention to detail. From the Hinomoto wheels to the interior zipper size, the leather stitches, the handles, and even the tiniest details - our manufacturers provided us with professional advice, guidance and insight at every step. They worked with us like a family.

 Turiotravel  Turiotravel

A devoted worker manually measures and then stitches the Turio logo onto the inner linings with utmost care.

Turio carry-ons are made with custom interior designs that need to be manually built by experienced artisans. It is also vitally important for them to maintain consistency with every luggage that moves on the production ramp.

Turiotravel  TURIO

An artisan methodically stitches and finishes the inner compartments of the Turio Carry-On.

The reason Turio luggage uses Hinomoto Silent Run 360 wheels is because these are the highest quality wheels that are available in the market today. Turio’s direct-to-consumer business model allows us to offer these amazing wheels on our luggage for you. First off, they are shipped in from Japan, and then carefully screwed onto the base of the luggage shell towards the end of the production line.


The Hinomoto Silent Run wheels installed and ready to roll towards the end of the production line.

To create an extraordinary product for you, we have strained every nerve and closely worked with our factory partners to give life to a remarkable piece of luggage that will inspire millions to travel around the world.