Our Carry-On Luggage Quality Test

To travel is to have an open mind, to stretch your boundaries, to embrace and interact and to be present in the moment. Turio is a creation of its predecessor GoPenguin, but shares a wider vision in connecting with travelers across the world. Just like good wine gets better with age, Turio is the best of GoPenguin.

As Tough As It Gets - Turio luggage is made of Makrolon Polycarbonate Shell, an indestructible shell that is made with a special heating and moulding process. This type of polycarbonate, supplied by German company, Bayer Industries, is the most advanced luggage material available on the market today. Turio Bayer Makrolon Polycarbonate shells are the ultimate material to withstand extreme temperatures and resist impact during transit. 

Hinomoto is How We Roll - The reason Turio luggage uses Hinomoto Silent Run 360 wheels is because these are the highest quality wheels that money can buy. Typically only luggage that is over $1,000 uses these wheels, except for ours. With our direct to consumer business model, we are able to offer these amazing wheels on our luggage for you.

Attention to Detail - We also learned the importance of attention to detail, so now we have a dust bag that is made of improved fabrics, elastic straps changed to non-elastic ones that are best for long-term use. Zippers have been improved with better resistance, quality and functionality. 

Improved Telescopic Handles - With customer feedback, Turio’s handle inner structure has been improved for stability, EVA padded for added support, and a special matte  coating on the handle bar gives it a smooth texture to hold.