Letter from the CEO

A message from Turio on the precautions we’re taking to protect the team and the global community. 

Dear Customers,

We know there is a lot of uncertainty with the effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) being felt around the world. Healthcare systems are reaching their limits and have even gone beyond – something we have not seen before. We are in uncharted territory as the news changes daily. As a travel company with multiple nationalities, Turio has family members and friends all around the world. For us, the well-being and safety of our global community is our first priority.

Social distancing and hand washing has been recommended as the best measures to reduce transmission of the virus and enable our global health systems to cope. We at Turio are following these critical recommendations and advise you to do the same until the virus is under control. We all long for connection with our loved ones and that is why travel is what brings us together. We feel you.

At this time, we have stopped all new orders and shipments. The Turio team has started working from home, and we have kept all lines open for you to reach us through email and live chat. We are available for you whenever you need us. Feel free to ask us any questions, be it product, health and safety, or anything that makes you feel safe and secure. Our friendly and supportive team members will guide you with the best solutions. 

We know that the world is going through a challenging time, but as citizens of the world, we have the solid will to survive through it all. And together we will overcome this in no time. This pandemic has brought upon a new outlook of life. For the first time, we are looking at the world coming together for a common cause - such is the power of humanity. We have united for a common cause, maximizing and pushing ourselves to the brim to help each other during these difficult times. 

Now more than ever, we need each other. Our families need us, our colleagues need us, our friends need us. There is light at the end of the tunnel and we must join hands together to fight this. Let’s work together to help the global community. Turio looks forward to a world where we travel again without limits. 

Stay safe, because we look forward to going places with you.

Mily Lee
CEO, Turio