Choosing a luggage is more than just the Price tag and Reviews.

Suitcases, Carry-Ons, Check-Ins, and all other kinds of luggage have a lot in common. They traditionally come with wheels, a handle, a shell and zippers. But not all luggage are created equal. Whether you plan to gift a luggage over the holiday season or simply need to buy new luggage before traveling, you might find out the difference the hard way.

With a plethora of brands to choose from, choosing a luggage is more than just the price tag and reviews. This comprehensive article will give you a look at what Turio values the most when it comes to producing the ideal luggage.

Wheelability and durability are among the most important factors to consider when buying luggage. Turio has considered this as the deciding factor to manufacture its range of luggage.

A diagram that illustrates the percentage of production cost dedicated to a standard Turio luggage


Most luggage sold today comes with wheels. The market gives you the option to purchase four wheels or two. A traveler would go four-wheeled as they could be spun 360 degrees, and easy to maneuver. You can also push the luggage beside you, in front of you, or behind you with minimal effort.

Whether its a four-wheel suitcase or a two-wheel suitcase, Turio does not compromise on wheels as it forms an integral part of the luggage construction. Wheels are open to maximum abuse, and need to be able to handle any terrain under maximum pressure. Partnering with Hinomoto, the leading japanese brand for premium wheels, we use ‘Silent-Run’ wheels that provide maximum traction with zero effort. The wheels on our luggage constitute to 22% of our production cost.

Turio wheels are attached with screws rather than rivets allowing them to roll smoothly and stay in place.

Handling Ability

Handles are a key break point along with wheels and zippers. Turio uses Aluminum trolley handles that have little to no wiggle or rattling when you pull the bag. Unlike others, our handle retracts completely inside sustaining no damage at all. With no interference with outside parts, the handle is always smoother when pulled out or pushed in.

Many brands use Iron handles or a mixture of Iron and aluminum. This adds unnecessary weight to the luggage while with our lightweight aluminum frame, you can easily push the carry-on using the soft cushioned handle. Turio trolley handles constitute 17% of our production cost.

Zipper Power

It is no surprise that the durability of a zipper on luggage plays an integral role in its performance. Although clearly visible, zippers are usually taken for granted. A broken zipper can ruin an otherwise pleasant trip. This is why Turio is thorough with its choice of zippers on luggage. The teeth are constructed from coiled nylon monofilament, the pull tab is zinc alloy that is electroplate polished.

Although polyesters, copper, plastic and metal are seen in the industry as other alternatives, nylon is no doubt more durable and versatile.

Turio uses nylon coil zippers because:

  • Strong durability. i.e. when our luggage is fully stuffed, it tends to stretch the zippers horizontally. Nylon coil zippers can hold the luggage from exploding.
  • More flexible than toothed zippers. Luggage requires flexibility and nylon is highly flexible.
  • Easy to repair during tooth malfunction. Most of the time it can fix itself by simply zipping and unzipping.
  • The coil can be used bi-directional opposed to a one-directional tooth, which means the slider can be attached in either direction and it will still function.

While choosing the right luggage is always stressful and confusing with so many options out there, Turio offers you luggage that has been thoughtfully designed for your travels. We make luggage that lasts more than your trips and makes travel easier.

Turio luggage is your travel partner. One you can count on and rely on. Make the right choice by choosing the right luggage.